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Stock Market Trading: Shares grow as the Nasdaq Composite Nears Test

Stock market trading began with rapid gains on Wednesday when US lawmakers seemed closer to preventing US federal government from closing, and when the tensions in China's trade war alleviated.


Nasdaq Composite and S & P 500 faced key technical tests on Wednesday and stock market trading suffered an early, profit-driven boost to reports from Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Interpublic Group (IPG) and IBD 50 stocks Exelixis (EXEL). Among the chip stocks, Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) won, still in the buy range after clearing a point of purchase on Tuesday.

Inventory of IBD Shopify (SHOP) bounced off marijuana stocks as well Cronos Group (CRON) and Growth of the roof (CGC) gathered as Canopy, ready to report the results of the fiscal quarter on Thursday. Growth inventories that bear the heavy income-related losses are included at the start of stock trading Natus Medical (BABY) and Qualys (QLYS).

The industrial average of Dow Jones and S & P 500 went up 0.5% at the start of trading. Nasdaq Composite rose 0.4%.

Goldman Sachs (GS) seized the initial advantage among the Dow Jones shares, which is almost 2%. Activision and Marriot International (MAR) were the best weapons in the stock of the Nasdaq 100. Hilton Worldwide (HLT) sets the pace of S & P 500 stocks.

S & P 500, Nasdaq Composite Vs. resistance

Nasdaq Composite and S & P 500 will be the indexes that will look at stock trading on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average quickly recovered on Tuesday, confirming its support for its 200-day sliding average and holding firmly over 25,000.

The S & P 500 launched on Wednesday with a share over 200-day level – the first opening above this line on 4 December. The S & P 500 tried and failed to regain support for its 200-day line three times between October and December.

Nasdaq Composite ended less than 1% of resistance test on its 200-day line on Tuesday. Like the S & P 500, the Nasdaq also struggles with its resistance to a 200-day sliding average since October. The shift of indices from indices or both could indicate momentum for the confirmed upward trend in the stock market.

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Amazon Partners With GM; Rally of the hotel's inventory

Amazon (AMZN) rose 0.9% at the start of trading. Reuters announced late on Tuesday that Amazon and General Motors (GM) have negotiated a purchase of shares in the rivalry maker Rivian Automotive. The deal has valued the company between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion, Reuters reported, providing Amazon and GM with minority partnerships in the company. The deal may come this month, the report said.

GM grew 0.8% at the beginning of the action. The auto maker also received a boost from Seaport Global Securities, which initiates buy-in coverage.

Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) has a fraction higher after announcing that he will buy a specialist for surgical robotics Auris Health for $ 3.4 billion. J & J said the deal was part of the lung cancer initiative and expects the deal to close in the second quarter of 2019.

The hotel shares were among the strongest at the start of the week after a positive quarterly Hilton report. Hilton World Holdings jumped by more than 5% by moving it higher up on the right-hand side of the annual base model. Marriott, also in one year's consolidation, rose by almost 4%.

Chinese trade war, government exclusion, Brexit

The threat of a new closure of the federal government seems to calm down on Tuesday as MEPs united around the preliminary agreement that was being held in the House on Wednesday evening. The deal provides 1,375 billion dollars for a border fence and will finance the Department of Homeland Security, State, Agricultural and Commercial Services until September 30.

Reports on Wednesday announced that President Trump intended to sign the deal without last minute changes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the president to sign, according to the Wall Street Journal, and senior Republicans said it was too late to resume negotiations.

Government offices and operations will be closed unless an agreement is reached by midnight on Friday.

China's trade war worries also worsened shortly after Tuesday after Trump said he was ready to delay the deadline of March 1, after which China's import tariffs estimated at $ 200 billion a year would be increased by 10% on 25%. The Comment sent shares higher worldwide.

US Trade Delegations, led by Commercial Representative Robert Lighthiser and Finance Minister Stephen Munchin, are trying to formulate general terms of agreement. The outline can then be used by Trump and Chinese President Jin Ging in order to attract specific terms at a later meeting. Not yet fixed date of meeting.

The United Kingdom and the eurozone are heading towards the UK deadline for the release of the European Union on 29 March. In January, Parliament strongly rejected the agreement on the management of trade relations between the different economies proposed by British Prime Minister Teresa May. Now May struggles to force lawmakers to review the elements of the plan. The opposition Labor Party has so far refused, trying to gain more control over the process.

brod It is reported that (F) on Tuesday joined the list of corporations that are preparing for Brexit without an agreement. According to the news, the carmaker, which hires 13,000 workers in the UK, prepares "alternative" production sites outside the United Kingdom.

Trading with Stock: Mellanox, Shopify, Twilio

The Mellanox chip designer has reduced its profits to less than 1%. Shares cleared 99.24 points on a quarterly buyout on Tuesday. It stays well within the limits of the purchase that goes through 104.20.

Shopify sharply reversed early earnings and declined by 0.8%. The shares took wild trips on Tuesday after their report for the fourth quarter. Shares declined by almost 8% during the day on Tuesday, after which they rebounded by more than 1%. Shares briefly cleared a purchase point of 176.70 times a few times since February. 5. The immersion on Tuesday triggered the automatic sale rule below the entry point. But pre-trade trading on Wednesday showed the stocks that are ready to regain that purchase, which remains a valid purchase option.

Twilio (TWLO) also saved its early progress by diving nearly 5% in morning trading. Shares traded 8% overnight, after reporting a good performance in the fourth quarter, but leading earnings 2019 below expectations. Shares turned and grew by almost 2% in pre-emptive trading on Wednesday. Variable stocks rose 29% since the beginning of the year. But it did not present a valid point of purchase after a breakthrough in November.


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