Wednesday , September 28 2022

Strive Massive reveals the steps she is making to connect Africa


Econet Global Foundation, Foundation for Higher Life

Here's how Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa plans to connect Africa via optical links in Africa.

Last year Liquid Telecom finally completed the optical link between Cape Town and Cairo. It was really a great job.

We also worked on a cable linking: Port Dar es Salaam-Lumumbashi-Kinshasa-Luanda Port-Moanda (DRC Atlantic).

This route is just as difficult and courageous as Cape to Cairo. The connection between Lumbumbashi and Kinshasa is considered technically impossible by many experts. I hope to return to Kinshasa this year to order it, so help me!

The build is developing very well and we are now in INGA DAM. It can be fully "illuminated" by January next year.

We also build Cape Town to Luanda via Zambia. We are currently in a place called Solwezi in Zambia. Check the map! This link will also connect to DAR. These parallel routes create a digital infrastructure sustainability network.

I informed the African heads of state in the region of progress.
I am grateful to the growing number of African leaders who have taken the vision of it and gave me steady support over the years.

Without the digital backbone of optical networks and data centers, it will be hard to unlock the promise of the fourth industrial revolution in Africa.
We also need this as part of the network infrastructure [including 5G] to activate the computer speed that the AI ​​software will work.

I have to finish this work in time for my 60th birthday!

I wish your prayers and encouragement.

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