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Sturgeon Moon 2019 to rise this week: peak time, significance, more


The Sturgeon Moon of 2019 or the full moon for August this year is ready to rise later this week. It will peak when its Earth-facing country is fully illuminated by the sun, and it will occur at 13:29 BST when seen from London and at 17:59 IST in India. The moon for eight months of the year is called the Sturgeon Moon because of the abundance of this monstrous freshwater sturgeon found in lakes and rivers in North America. In fact, every full moon for the 12 months of the year has a name attached to it, which means changing seasons.

The Sturgens moon will officially become full at 13:29 BST on August 15, and then continue to rise to the horizon at 8:47 BST and leave on Friday morning around 6:23 BST, reports Daily Express. In India, it will peak at 5:59 pm IST on Thursday, according to Time and This full moon comes just after the Perseid meteor shower, which will peak from August 11 to August 13.

In some regions, the full moon will be observed during the day when it is at its peak due to full sunlight. After Sturgeon, the next full moon will be on September 14 and is called the Full Moon. Similarly, in the coming months in 2019, everyone will have full moons – the Moon Hunt on October 13, the Beaver Moon on November 12, and the Cold Moon on December 12.

The full moon rises in Aquarius, and according to the Old Farmer Folklore Almanac, babies born the day after the full moon enjoy success and endurance.

Superstitions aside, stargazers who want to take advantage of the glory of the full moon can travel far from the city to eradicate light pollution for ideal viewing conditions. It is best to travel to distant, higher elevated areas where the sky is clear without obstacles.

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