Tuesday , June 15 2021

Teen receives vaccination for the first time at 18 years against parental objections

In a post of Reddit about two months ago, a teenager from Ohio said his parents "think vaccines are some kind of government scheme."

Ethan Lindenberger added that he had never been vaccinated until recently.

He went out to be vaccinated for the first time after the age of 18, although his parents objected.

Lindenberger has urged his parents "somewhat stupid" to resist the vaccines in Reddit mail, but he said their conversation about his decision was civil.

"And while we were working on this issue, it was not obvious to immediately understand or immediately go through doing it for its own safety and the safety of others, and it is now a great place." My parents are very happy to continue expressing , that the meaning of the vaccines is beyond me and other people and I am glad to share this story, "Lindenberger said.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports outbreaks of measles and shortness of breath in the United States. Experts say the key to them is to be vaccinated.

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