Sunday , June 13 2021

Tesla introduces Sentry mode after breakthroughs

Tesla Electric Vehicle Manufacturer introduced a new Sentry Mode for its original level – Model 3 to better improve the theft and burglary attempts. This will also apply to models S and X models built after August 2017.

The Sentry mode aims to provide an extra layer of security, according to Tesla, by constantly monitoring the immediate vicinity of the vehicle when left unattended. Upon entering standby, Model 3 uses its external cameras to detect potential threats.

If he detects a minimal threat, like a man leaning on the car, the Sentry mode switches to an alarm state, indicating a warning on the touch screen that the cameras are recording. If a more serious threat is detected – such as breaking a window, the car will go into an alarm condition, which will sound the vehicle's alarm, sound will be reproduced through the vehicle's full volume sound system, and the brightness of the central display will increase.

If the alarm condition is triggered, the owner will receive a signal for their Tesla mobile application to notify them of an incident. They can then download a video that starts 10 minutes before an open threat, although this requires placing a formatted USB device in the car before activating Sentry mode.

This happens after dozens of breakthroughs have been reported by Model 3 owners in social media and forums, according to ElectrekMost of these breakthroughs occurred in San Francisco Bay area, California, where targeted cars have broken rear side windows, as the thieves have found that model 3 has no windows break detection sensor.

Typically, the rear square window breaks first to fold the rear seat and see in the boot, and the thief breaks the main window of the tailgate access door if values ​​are found.

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