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The big Google Android update for Android launches: Here's what you get


Google Pixel, Nexus devices receive Android Auto wireless support
Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices running Android Oreo or higher now have Android Auto wireless support, Google said. Read more:

Android Auto users should see a new look for their infotainment system in a few weeks, with a new navigation bar, notification center and launcher, as well as a dark theme and enhanced screen optimization.

Most of the new Android Auto design updates were announced in May at Google IO and will be rolling out in the coming weeks. However, the changes will not be coming to Android Auto as it is migrated to the upcoming Assistant Driving Mode.

The app launcher can be opened from the bottom left button, which shows apps in round icons, some of which have the Google Assistant badge, such as Calendar. Touching icons with an assistant enabled Assistant to read calendar details, provide a meteorological report, or read the news.

As Google announced in May, the new Android Auto starts playing media and Google Maps right after the car launches. The maps will also show suggested locations. If a route is already planned on your phone, Android Auto automatically adds directions and displays route information.

The redesigned navigation bar is located at the bottom of the display and is designed to allow users to interact with multiple applications.

"So if you listen to music, you won't miss your next turn; or if you follow the directions, you can still pause or skip a song, "says Google.

In the lower right corner of the display there is a notification button that contains all recent calls, messages and alerts. Touch the microphone button next to the notification button, and Google Assistant can help you make calls, send messages, and read notifications.

Android Auto can now use widescreen displays to provide additional space for step-by-step navigation, media playback and call control. Changes to improve visibility include easy-to-read fonts and a new dark mode.

In general, design changes aim to get users on the road faster and allow applications with fewer touches to be managed more easily.

Android auto-app launcher.png

With the new Android Auto, the app launcher can be opened from the bottom left button, which shows apps in round icons, some of which have a Google Assistant badge, such as Calendar.

Image: Google

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