Sunday , June 20 2021

The five Nokia 9 cameras can capture 64-megapixel still images

A new rumor suggests that Nokia 9 PureView will offer a total of 64 megapixels in the five-camera matrix, and if previous reports prove to be true, they will be able to capture 64-MP images.

Sincerely: GizmoChina / OnLeaksSincerely: GizmoChina / OnLeaksAccording to a Baidu social networking site (viewed from Nokiapoweruser via GizmoChina), the rear camera in the eyes of the insects is made of a pair of 16-MP sensors, a pair of 12 MP sensors, and then a single 8MP sensor. Among them, the quintet is capable of telephoto zooming, wide angle and depth.

This amounts to a total of 64 MPs. It is not the largest total number of megapixels that ever appeared on the phone, and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has 68 MP between its three sensors. But PureView can have an edge. Huawei uses one lens at a time and changes between them depending on the situation, which means it reaches 40-MP images. However, Nokia 9 Pureview can use all of its sensors to create 64-MP pictures.

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Previous rumors have shown that HMD, the parent company of Nokia, has partnered with the US company Light. It is a company that specializes in photo merging software, allowing images captured simultaneously by several sensors at different angles and depths to be integrated into a larger whole. It sounds like a perfect gadget for a certain five-camera phone, right?

In 2017, Nokia teamed up with the Zeiss lens maker for Nokia 8 after working together on the original Nokia 808 PureView with a 41-MP camera in 2012. This partnership continues for Nokia 9 PureView, so we can at least We guarantee that there will be some premium components that come into the five rear cameras.

We need to know more about the MWC 2019 later this month when Nokia is expected to announce its new phones.

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