Tuesday , June 22 2021

The Fortnite maker asks the judge to throw the rapper dances

LOS ANGELES – The creators of Fortnite want the federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a rapper who claims that the video game illegally uses the dance he has created.

Epic Games filed a motion Monday to drop the lawsuit filed in December by 2 Millie, a Brooklyn rapper whose real name is Terrence Ferguson. He claims that Fortnite uses Milly Rock, a dance he invented in 2011.

Epic Games lawyers claim that the dance, known as Swipe It, is significantly different from Milly Rock and that even though it is not, the courts have ruled that simple dances can not be protected by copyright rights.

2 She is the first of several artists to judge for Forthnet's dance moves.

Judge has scheduled arguments on the March 4 request.

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