Saturday , January 16 2021

The leader of Zimbabwe is angry at the video about the violence of security forces

The Zimbabwean president on Monday said he was "horrified" by the television report, indicating the abuse of the security forces in ongoing repression.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in his official Twitter account, said he was dissatisfied with the Sky News video, showing that security forces were hitting a person who had been arrested. Mnangagwa said he "instructed the people behind this to be arrested."

Angry protests against drastic increases in fuel prices by the government have sparked violent repression by police and military in which 12 people were killed and 300 wounded as a result of gunshot wounds, according to doctors and rights groups. Long after the protests ended, the military abolition continued with the forces that were coming home to carry out arbitrary arrests, beatings, torture, abductions and rapes, according to the rights groups. Many opposition figures and civilian leaders are hiding.

Reprisals continue on Monday as witnesses, human rights groups and opposition groups report abuse by the military, police and gangs of government, especially in the working class and poor suburbs across the country.

Mnangagwa, who briefly brought hope of a crisis tired of Zimbabwe when he took office from longtime ruler Robert Mugabe in November 2017, encouraged "those who had an influence to contact the authorities and file a formal complaint."

Mnangagwa's appeal was skeptical because last week he vowed to investigate reports of abuse by security forces when he returned from a visit abroad, but the persecution continued.

Some Zimbabweans ask why Mnangagwa only shows concern about a foreign media abuse report when local media and non-governmental organizations reported violence over civilians for more than a week

Others questioned the authenticity of messages in the Mnangagwa Twitter account after his spokesman George Charamba reported on January 23 that "the president has drawn my attention to trying to put words in his mouth through his Twitter profile. always believe in what comes in. This followed a tweed from Mnangagwa, calling for national dialogue and criticizing security forces for being heavy.

But the Zimbabwe Information Office later issued a statement confirming that Mnangagwa's hand on Twitter was "the legitimate voice of the president."

"Nothing is happening, besides presenting his views and positions on questions and what he has explicitly justified," the ministry said.

Some people say that the Manggawah's Twitter statements do not reflect the reality of the repression on earth.

"This account is led by a bunch of deaf people who are so closed in their quest to present ED (Mnangagwa) as a reformer that they are ready to invent this fake ED that does not exist anywhere except on that handle! George Charamba was right, despite the protests from InfoMinZW! "Indonesian journalist Chofamba Sitchol of Zimbabwe said in response to the Mnangagwa tunnel.

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