Saturday , June 19 2021

The long stay of Thomas Mapfumo in Zim is justified

Chumurenga musician Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo will not return to the United States after entering the country in early December last year for concerts in the country under the slogan "Mukanya Peace Tour".

The tour, organized by local entertainment promoters Entertainment Republic and Chimurenga Music Company, is not going on due to many challenges.

However, a month after the tour, Mukanya, who was due to return to the United States shortly after the Peace Tour, is still in the country where he is making a show.

On Friday, Mamvemve's chef was the second time in Downtown Chitungwiza, introducing himself to the recreation center during the first week of January.

He has shown in Harare and at growth points like Guruve, and Mt Darwin under the Mukanya Farewell Gig.

"The deal between Mukanya and Entertainment Republic failed to raise the expected income, the peace tour was just a flop, and Mukanya just performs to hide the flaws," the source said.

"I think the organizers of the Peace Tour sold the old mannequin. They knew the economy was not doing well, and 10 concerts around the country were too much for him.

But the music publisher of Himmurenga Blessing Vava thinks otherwise.

"The peace tour was successful, but we faced challenges because of the economic difficulties, people did not have the income to offer for the shows," Vava said.

"All the shows were going well, Mukana would perform until the early hours of the morning.

Vava justifies the long stay of Mukanya in the country.

"He remains long because he really misses Zimbabwe, people should not ask why he did not come back, his home is Zimbabwe and he enjoys the country he has missed for 14 years," he said.

"I'm not sure what's going on with Mukana's performances since I'm in school [in South Africa], so I can not comment on the things I do not participate in. "

The efforts to get a comment from Entertainment Republic were futile.

At the same time, local artists took Mapfumo's conversation on ZTV, and the late Oliver Mtukudzi was the only internationally recognized musician and a pinch of salt.

Last week in a live interview for ZTV News, Mukanya described Mtukudzi and himself as the only internationally recognized musicians ever to come out of Zimbabwe while downplaying Macheso and others.

Australian musician Vusha Mhaya, who traveled around the world with the band Insingizi, who has been involved in many great scenes and has won international awards, says Mukanya's dirt is disinformed or just arrogant.

"I think the old man's statement was inappropriate. He is either not informed or just ignorant, as an adult had to talk only about it and not use the platform to undermine Masseuse and everyone else.

There are several bands that make amazing things internationally on the festival chain and perform in theaters in Europe and the United States like Nobuntu, Mokoomba, Iyasa, Black Umfolosi, Insingizi, myself Vusa Mkhaya just to mention a few, he said ,

Jeyz Marabini said Mapfumo could joke, but if it's serious, it's pretty rude.

"I think Mapfumo is joking because Macheso has also traveled all over the world, and music likes differently, and we all have a certain crowd that we are dealing with and regions, I've also traveled around the world," he said.

Since then, Mapfumo has apologized to Maschez and other local artists.

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