Saturday , June 19 2021

The most hacked password is "Blink-182"

The world has fallen into the nostalgia of the 90s and even appears in our passwords.

A new study by the National Cyber ​​Security Center in the United Kingdom (NCSC) has most easily revealed the hacking passwords in the world, CNN reported. The best passwords that are not used are impersonal combinations of numbers, such as 12345. But in the "bands" category, the most disturbed password is the name of the popular pop-punk form of the 90s, Blink-182.

This means that if you are part of the apparently huge group of people who use their passwords to pay tribute to the teenage rebellion, you risk being hacked.

Blink-182 bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus is not stifled about his fans' careless attitude towards cyber-security. He quoted the study adding that you "guys". to the news.

Drummer Travis Barker apparently did not feel as bad about password health as his teammate. His answer to the news about these private honors? Collapse of emoticons.

Blink-182 is still on tour and hits like "What's My Age Again" become more remarkable, as Blink's teenage fans earlier. But, Come onThis does not mean that your password is the right place to show your love for Adam's song.

Maybe people have chosen to read Blink-182 in their passwords because it is a phrase that contains both letters and numbers. Many people mistakenly believe that – along with the addition of a cheater or other character – is the key to password health. However, a pass that contains three or more arbitrary, personal but not supposed words, is actually the small thing that can keep your accounts safe.

Now go change your passwords, Blink fans.

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