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The new gadget asks: what if Juicero drains soaps of soap?

Kickstarter's new bag-pressing company promises to save hundreds of people for household cleaning products such as hand soap and detergent for dishwashers. It is called Cleanyst, and the media coverage of the device has blown up the company's line of breath, that it is "SodaStream for cleaning products". environmental benefits from SodaStream.

Yes – at first glance, he can really distribute Kearig-like things in a bottle of SodaStream – but that's also very obvious Juicero.

Here's a comparison of images side by side:

Juicero was a doomed company that was closed in 2017 after people realized you could just squeeze the juice bag without the need for a Wi-Fi machine for $ 700. Cleanyst is the smallest a cheaper bet for bagging technology, and customers can buy in their $ 99 ecosystem. (Of course, if you just want to support the R & D technology of bagging technology, there's a 5-liter layer without tangible rewards). Fast company, When asked if they knew about Juicero while designing the bag squeeze device, a Cleanyst spokesman told us that "it's not related to any existing products."

Cleanyst certainly looks more useful than a juice extractor for single-purpose juices, but it is too early to say whether the device is similarly needed. Can you squeeze your company bottles in a bottle? Do you need a mixer on something or can you just add water and shake for a minute? The company says "no"; Cleanyst insists that "the main purpose of the machine is to professionally mix the product with the right viscosity at home that can not be done properly by hand." While Cleanyst squeezes bags, distributes hot water and then uses a impeller to mix the solution in a bottle.

Designers claim that Cleanyst aims to reduce the environmental impact of transporting many cleaning products to the homes of people who are predominantly of water. The device uses "100% recyclable" bags that are intended to be sent back to the company for reuse. But, according to Fast company, Cleanyst has not yet completed a life cycle analysis to determine the environmental impact of its own system – so it is not yet clear whether the big plastic appliance you would actually buy is a plastic bottle compensation.

Anyway, it's Cleanyst: it's not Juicero, but that's the kind,

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