Friday , December 3 2021

The outbreak of E. coli has now affected at least 156 people in 10 countries


The number of diseases reported from the E. coli epidemic related to beef continues to grow in recent weeks and is spreading to other countries, health authorities said.

Overall, the Centers for Disease Control stated that they have now confirmed 156 people in 10 different countries that have been infected with this particular strain of the outbreak.

While 20 people were hospitalized, there were no deaths. Health authorities have noted that states are investigating additional diseases that could be part of this outbreak.

According to the CDC, preliminary epidemiological information indicates that the earth beef is the source of this outbreak, and most of those who received the disease report beef eating. While some said they received beef from grocery stores, others said they had made it to a restaurant.

The survey of the outbreak noted that many had purchased large quantities of beef from food stores and used it for dishes such as spaghetti sauce and slice.

However, employees have not yet identified a general provider, distributor or brand.

The CDC reminds consumers to work safely with beef and cook it carefully to avoid foodborne diseases.

The majority of cases from this outbreak are in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. As of April 23, 65 people were infected in Kentucky, 41 in Tennessee and 33 in Georgia.

But cases related to this outbreak of E. coli are also confirmed in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and Virginia.

The CDC said the disease from this epidemic began on dates ranging from March 1 to April 7, and the people who were infected varied from one year to 83 years.

Number of infected animals in the E. coli epidemic (CDC data, April 23)

Kentucky – 65
Tennessee – 41
Georgia – 33
Ohio – 8
Florida – 3
Virginia – 2
Illinois – 1
Indiana – 1
Minnesota – 1
Mississippi – 1

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