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The Swedish under Zbee, a legal road in South Africa. Stockholm Stock Exchange: CLEMO

Today, Clean Motion received information that Zbee received a type approval in South Africa. Their customer, Green Scooter, a local company run by entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, has completed a full type approval for importing and selling Zbee on the South African market. South Africa is the gateway to many of the nearby African countries.

Interest in Zbee is extremely high in many countries around the world, where it is seen as the best alternative to sustainable urban transport.
Today, Zbee has been type-approved as the first three-wheeled electric bicycle in the country through a local contractor who bought and imported scales.

The long-term goal is a licensing agreement and a local micro-plant for South Africa and neighboring countries. First, the pilot and verification projects will be planned with Zbee and Zbee Cargo in several stages, along with the acquisition of Green Scooter Capital, a process that can take a considerable amount of time. There is a strong belief that the Zbee electric grommet is the future of Africa and South Africa as a potential opening door. Each year, about 250,000 tricycles with an internal combustion engine arrive on the African continent through South Africa.

"We are beginning to see that more and more investments are coming in place. This is one of the countries where we have allowed the local entrepreneur to explore the market opportunities for a long time and where through his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of the local market he succeeds in going through all approval processes, "says Christopher Sweer, Sales & Marketing at Clean Motion.

Christopher adds: "It's amazing what people who are passionate about change have the ability to achieve. The fact that we now have a real advocate in South Africa makes me very positive about the opportunities on the African market. "

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