Sunday , June 20 2021

The Texas artificial reef project continues with the help of donors

Donors have helped rescue an artificial reef project outside South Texas, which uses materials including concrete pyramids and old rail links to increase the fish habitat.

The RGV Reef project has already led to hundreds of thousands more red-breasted and other fish in the Gulf of Mexico near the South Padre Island, Brownsville Herald reported.

The project, supported by Friends of the RGV Group, for the first time sank 50 concrete pyramids into the water in 2017. Thousands of tons of concrete materials and two abandoned ships have sunk in place ever since, said Gary Glick, president of the group.

The 45-foot (14-meter) pile of concrete rail links donated by the Fort Worth-based BNSF railroad, cut off power and kills nutrients. Nutrients are consumed by plankton, which is then consumed by sardines, which in turn are consumed by puppies and other game fish.

Sinking materials create "reefs" that provide fish with shelter, habitat and food, Glick said.

"Rail links create the best habitat because they accumulate with any cracks and cracks," he said.

But the project faced unexpected problems a few months ago when the manipulator and the ship of the group broke at the same time. The manipulator is used to move the 700-kilometer rail links to the Lil Moon landing gear, which the group has hired to transport material to the reef.

Lil 'Mo's Shaft Shaft broke and the ship dug into Port Aranasas for a few weeks.

Glick called the "wreck of the train" situation.

But long-time supporter of the project, Max Nichols, has stepped up and given a deputy manipulator, Glick said. Two companies also offered to dig ditches and improve the drainage of the site, he said.

"Besides science, it's really moving, and one of the reasons we can make so much effort is for all these volunteers," Glick said. – We moved the material to about one-tenth of the cost of the usual reefing contracts.

Glick hopes to keep the project long enough to finish it, but says he is not sure how much more money will be needed.

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