Sunday , June 13 2021

The Xiaomi Mi 9 will be announced the same day as the Galaxy S10

Xiaomi Mi 9. Forum MIUI

Wait a while for a new generation of flags and two starts on the same day. This is thanks to Xiaomi, who decided to release Mi 9 the same day as the Galaxy S10.

In post on your forum MIUI (spotted by XDA-Developers), the company confirmed its plans to release Xiaomi Mi 9 on February 20th. This is felt as a deliberate move on Xiaomi's part, as Samsung revealed its launch date for the Galaxy S10 weeks before. Fortunately, the launch of Mi 9 will take place in China, so you probably will not have to choose between watching the Xiaomi event or the launch of Samsung (held in London and San Francisco).

Based on the machine-translated version of the official event poster (below), it seems that Xiaomi will promote the design of the device as a key selling point. In fact, it was previously claimed that Xiaomi Mi 9 will be designed by the same person who designed Mi 6.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 starter poster. Forum MIUI

But the company also annoyed another key detail in the forum by posting a photo on the back of the Xiaomi Mi 9 (see the main image). If you look closely, you can find out what a triple camera combination looks like. Camera details at that time are not known, although Huawei or LG-style normal / wide / teleobjective trio would certainly contribute to a flexible device.

Little is known about the Xiaomi, but we expect a Snapdragon 855 chipset and a fingerprint sensor in the beginner's display. Meanwhile, Samsung's Galaxy S10 has been subject to leakage in the past six months. You can check all the outstanding leaks of the Galaxy S10 here.

Samsung and Xiaomi will not be the only manufacturers to launch in February, as the MWC will host several launches. So you might want to wait until the end of February before committing to a brand new purchase.

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