Sunday , June 13 2021

These Instagram walks design the beauty of modern Africa

For many years, the image of Africa outside the continent is the same … poverty, dirt ,under construction and several other issues that send a bad impression of how the continent and its people live.

Western media feed on these ideas and provide content that helps to project the negative image of Africa as a continent that has never managed to take care of itself after gaining independence with a dying need for financial and structural support from Western countries and organizations.

Over the last decade, many young Africans have made some of their goals of rewriting the history of Africa and designing the continent, exploring the uniqueness and beauty that it offers.

While several brands, such as Face2Face Africa, are focusing on storytelling through written media, several other brands have chosen to rewrite the history of the contemporary African way of life with the world with their photos and captivating inscriptions in social media.

Here are brands in the social media that you need to follow about the feeling of an African contemporary life.

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