Thursday , June 24 2021

WhatsApp will finally allow you to reject group invitations

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Juggling group talks can be annoying, especially when people freely add to secular groups. Fortunately, WhatsApp seems to work on a solution to this problem.

News website WhatsApp WABetaInfo revealed hints for a group invitation system in the iOS version of the app. But the website adds that the feature also comes in Android, so what does it do?

With a visit Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups in a future version of the app, you can specify who can add you to the groups. This page will allow you to choose between all, your contacts or no one.

WhatsApp group invitations system. WABetaInfo

The outfit says that if you select the third option, you will get an alert when the administrators try to add you to a group. The alert will ask you to accept or reject the invitation, which is obviously valid for 72 hours. You will also get a beep if you select the second option and the administrator who invites it is not in your contact list. It is believed that you can still join groups via a group connection even if you select the third option (no one can add you).

This is not the only feature the company has recently tested, as it also works for fingerprint authentication for Android phones. The functionality will obviously require fingerprint scanning when you open the application from the drawer or application shade. But you can actually get the same functionality by activating the fingerprint lock functionality of your smartphone – you can check our guide here.

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