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Which companies are looking for the giant in the country

In this photo, an illustration of the logo of the US multinational technology company and Google search engine is visible on an Android mobile device with the backdrop of the flag of the People's Republic of China.

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Google and its operations in China have been the focus of attention over the past few days.

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel this week accused the US technology giant of working with the Chinese military and called on the US government to investigate Google. In response, President Donald Trump said his administration would "look" at Google.

The tech giant denied working with the Chinese military.

However, controversy has prompted an interest in what Google does in China. CNBC has taken a closer look at Google's business relationship with China.

"Design Erosion"

Google completed its search in China in 2010 and was effectively blocked in the country. Last year, however, a report came out that the search giant wants to release a censored version of its search appliance in China. The initiative, which the company recognizes in public, is at an early stage. In China, all Internet services are obliged to censor information that the government considers sensitive.

However, Karan Bhatia, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy, said this week that Google has dropped plans for Project Dragonfly, the name of its product initiative in China.

So, Google is still blocked in China and can only be accessed via a VPN that helps mask the user's Internet location.

А.С. research

One of Tiel's accusations is that Chinese spies have infiltrated Google's artificial intelligence projects but has not provided any evidence.

Google, however, has artificial intelligence projects in China. In 2017, the company opened a research center for artificial intelligence in China.

On Google's website, Google claims that China's AI research focuses on education, and Nap. Understanding the natural language – which refers to a technique of artificial intelligence, focused on how machines understand the human language. Google strives to apply AI at auction so that the bidding process for ads is more effective. This may be important for Google who manages an ad market.

In China, work also contributes to Google's artificial intelligence products, such as TensorFlow. This is an open source library that can help other companies develop AI products.

Cloud computing

Technological giants such as Alibaba and Tencent dominate the cloud market in China. So Google's tactic is to try to sell its cloud products to Chinese companies that have international operations in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

Google's search for jobs in China showed the company is looking for cloud computing engineers, data managers, sales and business development in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The company also hires people to target customers in specific industries – from media and entertainment to production.


Google sells a number of hardware products, including Smartphones, Intelligent Speakers and Thermostats, under the Nest brand it owns. Some of them are produced in China.

Currently, the company advertises roles for engineers for product testing and for production and supply chain managers. In LinkedIn, a number of Google employees in Shenzhen, a key technology center in China, have listed their jobs as hardware.

Bloomberg, however, announced in June that Google is moving some thermostats and server hardware from China to avoid US tariffs.

Application Developers and Google Play Store

The Google Play store, the company's app store, is blocked in China. So Google is trying to work with app developers in China to help them bring their products to the Play Store on international markets.

Under its job ads, Google advertises for two roles as a business development manager associated with the gaming store.

"As a Google Play Business Development Manager, you will enable developers to build a successful Play / Android business globally and inspire the ecosystem to innovate in / Android on Android and Play," says the job description.

Google also has separate roles for the gaming section of the Google Play store. Games are a huge part of his app store.


Advertising is a major part of Google's revenue, but since its services are blocked in China, it can not sell ads there. So the company is focusing on Chinese companies that want to advertise on Google platforms abroad, whether it's on its search engine, YouTube or something else.

One of the tasks being advertised is Shanghai Business Development Consultant, which will be "responsible for business growth and attracting new medium and large advertisers to Google." There are also people who focus on getting advertisers from specific industries such as retail or entertainment.

Generally, Google's business in China is primarily geared toward making Chinese companies use their products outside of China.

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