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Xbox One Firmware Update to improve 4K game performance

Xbox One Firmware Update to improve 4K game performance

Xbox One X 4K game performance can get a boost with this update

Prior to launch of Crackdown 3 on February 15, Microsoft released a new firmware for Xbox One to improve the performance of 4K in games. Targeted to Xbox One X users, this must ensure parity in games like Anthem that see PS4 Pro pulling forward in frame rate. We hope it should lead to better performance in the following titles: Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus and Jump Force. Other fixes include Cortana's improved response, as well as providing the Avatar Editor and Microsoft Rewards application as they should when they first run. Called as a version of the operating system – 10.0.17763.4085 (rs5_release_xbox_dev_ 1902.190131-1620), it must be available for download at the moment. Here's the complete list of fixes.


  • Added Cortana reliability updates.
  • Turning off the headphones while playing a video no longer causes a loss of sound before the video freezes.
  • Upgrades have been made to the audio system when switching from Home to game or application.


  • Improved Cortana response to commands.


  • A problem has been fixed that causes unexpected crashes on some consoles.

At home

  • Enhanced performance of the home dashboard.


  • Improved mouse response to slow down.

My games and applications

  • Installation for different FastStart titles has been improved.
  • A problem has been fixed in some games (like Resident Evil 0) in which the cutscenes will fail and the game will be locked.
  • Fixes a problem to ensure that some apps, such as avatars editor and Microsoft Rewards, work on the first release.


  • Fixed an issue where some people have received an E203 error while performing a system update.
  • Improved network port performance.
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of the game save feature when the games are discontinued.
  • Improved speed and performance of My games and apps.
  • Enhanced Standby Screen Productivity.
  • Improved visual performance in games.
  • Improve the work of Home Management.


  • Improvements to the 4K video conveyor have been made so that apps such as Netflix display the 4K content correctly.

The timing of this update is interesting as it follows reports of a bad Xbox One X performance in upcoming games like Anthem. According to the famous Digital Foundry video analysis site, EA's response to The Division 2 and Destiny 2 is far from the stars of Xbox One X. Unfair fact that Microsoft is committed to EA to popularize the game and Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra that the anthem will play best on Xbox One X. Leading to the release date of Anthem on February 22 (unless you have access to EA Access or Origin Access or Premier Access Premier), there were two demonstrations for the game.

While the first demonstration was subject to many questions ranging from quests that did not work to endless charging screens, Anthem's second demonstration was much more stable. Among them, Digital Foundry manages to judge how well the game works.

"Set the console." [PS4 Pro’s] video output mode to 1080p reduces the natural resolution of the rendering to match, and release unlocked, Anthem almost always exceeds 35fps – often with very little bias. Of all the reps on the console, this is what I prefer the most, "the report says.

"Yes, there is a big drop in resolution and choice, I would lock 30 frames per second by using this mode mode (an option that would really win a hymn) but if your choice is between 20-30fps at 1800p or -50fps to 1080p, this is impossible – the game works better with higher frame rate even if it still does not feel particularly smooth or constant.The full HD output of the PS4 Pro makes reading the most intense shoot- you get more visual feedback and lower latency. "

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